酬众fundingcrowd is a contemporary art project that inverts the dynamics of crowdfunding by offering both venue and capital to anyone who wishes to host a community-oriented activity. Structured around an open call, the project organizers invite proposals from the public

for short-term events or programs that address individual and public needs of the area.

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To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 globally, we decided to postpone the upcoming iteration 

of 酬众fundingcrowd in Shanghai.

The spirit of 酬众fundingcrowd is predicated on face-to-face connection, relationship-building, and the bolstering of support networks from the bottom up. Originally, we would invite people who live and work near our partner institutions to assess their needs and consider how the space and infrastructure of an art museum can serve as resources for overcoming community-wide challenges.   This premise is driven by our belief in the role and commitment of cultural spaces to advance the wellbeing of their surrounding communities. As such, we strongly support and encourage responsible practices of social-distancing and self-isolation worldwide. We also recognize, however, that these crucial safety parameters also have serious social and mental impacts. We are thereby closely monitoring the situation in our respective cities and aim to respond with possible online formulations to channel the pressing needs for connection, solidarity, and collective intimacy.

Please feel free to reach out to be a part of this project.

With warmest wishes,

酬众fundingcrowd team




酬众fundingcrowd is an ongoing project created and organized by Madalen Claire Benson, Bruce Bo Ding, Marsya Maharani, Claudia Mattos, TSAO Yidi, Lauren Wetmore, and Jacob Zhichang Zhang, a group of curators who met in Shanghai during a month-long curatorial residency. 

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    TANK Shanghai
    Interested in submitting your proposal for 酬众fundingcrowd Shanghai? Join us for our livestream info session to learn about the project, its goals, and how it might benefit you! We are open to your questions.


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